District-Wide Parent/Family Advisory Committees

  • 特殊教育 Advisory Council (SPEAC)
    联系人:Noelle Sisk 
    E-mail: nsisk@yyae.net


    SPEAC is a council for parents of special education students. Its function is to review current issues and events in the SPED community, discuss and come up with an action plan before conferring with the Director of 特殊教育 regarding policies, 程序和惯例. The Council also organizes issues of priority to advise the School Board. Collaborating to promote the understanding, respect, support and inclusion of children receiving special education services in the Portland Public School District.

    SPEAC membership represents the broad array of families and disabilities in special education. The majority of Council members are family members of special education students. Council members are appointed by the 特殊教育 Director. 

    For more information on meetings, events and advocacy support please contact the 特殊教育 Family and Community Coordinator, Noelle Sisk at nsisk@yyae.net 或致电503-916-3723.

    Parent Educator Connections is an additional group and has meetings throughout the school year. Please join us for informational evenings provided to support parents in having positive engagement with their school! 


    The English Language Learner Advisory Council

    联系人:Francisco Garcia
    E-mail: fgarcia@yyae.net


    The ELL Advisory Council is a team of parents and community stakeholders who meet quarterly to evaluate the services in place for Emergent Bilingual students (EBs) at 线上博彩平台. The Council works directly with ESL Department administrators and teachers to examine District policies and procedures, develop and sustain communication channels, and make recommendations on how to best help EBs and their families engage with the school system.

    ELL Advisory Council Meeting dates:


    Meetings are open to all EB parents and to the public. A light meal and childcare are provided. To RSVP or for more information, please contact: Francisco Garcia, 503-916-3097




    PPS TAGAC网页: http://b69a.yyae.net/Page/1548
    Email: emailtagac@gmail.com

    The Tag Advisory Council (TAGAC) is a volunteer body of parents who serve as representatives of the TAG community. We advise and inform the Superintendent, TAG管理员, and the Board regarding TAG services as well as students' educational experiences and needs within PPS schools. Our focus is on supporting the needs of diverse learners, and we believe that by doing so all students will benefit. We meet monthly with the TAG director for updates and discussion, 听取家长的意见, 为了解决问题.

    TAG meetings are the second Wednesday of the month. 

    For current meeting information, see link above.


    Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC) – Title I-C

    E-mail: collazosantiag@yyae.net


    Migrant eligible parents from throughout 线上博彩平台 are represented on the Migrant Parent Advisory Council (MPAC).  The council reviews and evaluates the 农民工教育 regular, pre-school and summer grant applications, participates in trainings to become effective leaders in our schools, host presentations that meet the needs of the community, 提供学生工作坊, identifies specific social and health needs to eligible families that the project addresses and nominates a representative to the state of Oregon MPAC. 

    Monthly morning and afternoon meetings during each school year. For more details, please email 埃琳娜·科拉佐·圣地亚哥, ecollazosantiag@yyae.net